ADE Novelty

The new Twister 7 moves into the range of ADE - with stable die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel look and particularly functional lid.
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adeVital goes FITvigo

Our new lifestyle and activity app is online! Compatible with the products from our former adeVital programme, providing a reliable and stable connection – and of course for free.
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The company ADE was established in Hamburg in 1934. Today ADE is a  traditional German weighing scale manufacturer and distributor that offers a one stop solution to our customers for sales and service of food, industrial, consumer and medical equipment. The ambition of the people in our company to make a difference has inspired every innovation, every product, every customized solution we have made ever since then. 
Who's not familiar with the famous red ADE scales, with their distinctive fan-shaped head? Nowadays called ADE Piccolo this model is still essential part of the nostalgic flair of higher class tea and confectionery stores. 
The ADE product range is extensive and, like its customer base, is growing continuously every year. Discover and enjoy the visit to our Website!

Sincerely, your ADE Team